What are the possibilities...

Imagine you are a "starter" in the housing market and your budget is still too limited, but you have the chance to buy a piece of building land at a beautiful location, then FERLEM is the solution for you.
With FERLEM you can start small, for example, a living area of 60M2 and extend it after a number of years. The Unique "couple" concept of FERLEM makes it possible to increase your living space to your wishes or needs within a week. No difficult renovations with a lot of inconvenience and high costs, but just affordable and without hassle.

... expansion can be done in many different forms, as shown here on the left. Here is chosen for a floor with a slanted roof on top of your "starters" house, this gives an extra floor surface that is equal to the ground floor. Imagine you already had solar-panels from FERLEM on your flat roof, these are then replaced in the sloping roof, so no extra costs for new panels but sustainable reuse.
If your family grows over the years or your budget and you want to expand more, just do it......

...simply by using our online building configurator (not yet available) to enter your unique house purchase code, and download your house in 3D virtually, then you start building modules to make your home your dream home. During the virtual expansion, the price of your building ambitions will immediately be visible, so that you can continue to work within your budget without any surprises afterwards. Once you are satisfied with your "refurbishment", press the "upload" button of the configurator, after which one of our technical salesmen will contact you to discuss and confirm your refurbishment ..

...If the order is confirmed by you, a delivery time and date of construction will be agreed, this will generally be executed within 3 weeks after order so that you can quickly enjoy your dream.
In addition to the structural upgrades, the energy systems can also be upgraded, CV to heat pump, etc., from grid-connected to self-sufficient systems with batteries (powerwall) etc. This can be independent of your FERLEM energy infrastructure already present in your home.
By default, there is a Domotica infrastructure in every ferlem house also.

Cosmetic finishing is standard provided by a liquid cork stucco, this stucco can be supplied in many colors for which no additional price will be charged. Do you want a more classic finish such as bricks than this is also possible, there are many options available. Any other wall finish other than liquid cork stucco is of course at extra cost.

Take a look at the following impressions about the possibilities.

Old Enlish brick

Yellow brick

Cement brick

Concrete stucco

Mediterranean yellow stucco  (liquid cork)

Mediterranean off-white stucco (liquid cork)

Mediterranean terracotta red stucco(liquid cork)

Mediterranean terracotta brown stucco (liquid cork)

Meditarranean white stucco (liquid cork)

combinations,  stucco and wood paneling

Liquid cork stucco

Here you see an image 2x enlarged of the liquid cork stucco work. Liquid cork is a flexible stucco layer of 3 mm, available in many colors without additional charge. Furthermore, this material remains elastic, so no cracks after a while, it is dirt, moss and mildew repellent and requires no further maintenance. It is also paintable if a different color is desired after a number of years. The liquid cork is standard available in 3 grain sizes. Not flammable and impact resistant, in other words, a hammer blow leaves no damage behind what mortar stucco does.

All ceilings in the house have a white liquid cork stucco finish as standard, walls are wall paper ready and floors are ready for Carpeting, parquet, wood or tiles and natural stone finishing.