Carbon Footprint

The word "Carbon Footprint" is becoming very popular today, it is used in many aspects related to our environment. To explain now what this exactly means is too scientific, therefore below a comparison between a FERLEM home and a traditionally built home.
In order to keep the comparison fair, we assume an equal living area of 120M2 and using traditional contemporary building methods and materials such as a contemporary standard home.

SpecificationStandard houseFERLEM StandardFERLEM Full ECO
Co2 used in materials and during build
147 Ton ( metric)
75 ton(Metric)
75 ton (metric)
Co2 usage over 30 years
80 ton (Metric)
40 ton (Metric)
O ton (Metric)
Energy usage family of 4 pers.over 30 year
without price index in €
€ 78.000,-
€ 32.250,-
€ 0,-
Thermal resistance max in Rc

Next to the fact that a FERLEM house is fun to design yourselve and to live in, will this house also take care of our planet with its eco-friendlyness, and saving you a lot of money too , so it's the best of both worlds.