Price indication

Ferlem is still under development, we have not started production yet, but we still want to give you an idea of what the prices / costs will be, so here are some examples. Please note that the prices include VAT, the probing measurements and the preparation of the foundation, but excluding the purchase of the building plot. All prices mentioned are also indicative but will not deviate more than 10% of the concrete, yet to be published, prices.

Delivery times are 2-4 weeks after upload in the configurator (not yet available), once the construction site is ready for construction (ie with foundation) the construction takes a maximum of one week (up to a floor space of 180M2). FERLEM will be covered by the manufacturer warranty.


Per M2 floor area you have to calculate with an incl.price of € 960, - (these are the net inside dimensions), so if you have a 60M2 starter home this amounts to 60 x € 960, - = 57.600, -. For a 120M2 home (which is a standard single-family home in the Netherlands) 120 x € 960, - = € 115.200, -

It does not matter which form-factor your house has as long as it consists of the FERLEM standardized building elements. (specials are of course possible, but these are always based on prices for additional work).
It also does not matter whether your house is a full attached house (when it is being built in a project), semi-attached house, or detached house.

Furthermore, your home is always built by our specially trained team, so no hassle with subcontractors, installers, painters etc. Everything under one roof, one point of contact.

Example 2

This house has a 180 M2 floor-space with a 30 M2 garage and a 30 M2 hobby studio , together with 2 bedrooms and a contemperary bathroom on the ground floor, next to the entrance hal with stair case which brings you to the 

Example 2

first floor were you will have the living room with an open kitchen, directly attached to a specious roof terras of 100 M2. This would be possible for a price of € 172.000,-