Starter Market

a rapidly growing market is the starters market, however, with the current mortgage climate, it is almost impossible to buy your own home without borrowing from the parents. FERLEM offers a solution here in two way's: You can start with a small home that can "grow" with you over the years by adding modules, and the pricing is clearly much cheaper than a conventional expansion. You have a fully sustainable house for a price that is more than 40% lower than a traditional house, with a large saving on your energy costs which is a significant bonus , and you save our environment.

Senior citizen market

Another growing market is the senior citizen market. A group that is growing because of the higher life expectancy and often still fit enough to do nice things during their retirement period. Often this group still has a home that is much too large and they often want to live smaller with all conceivable luxury and comfort. FERLEM offers the solution here, a house that better suits your lifestyle in terms of size, is standard equipped with Domotica, is much more energy-efficient and can be provided with every convenience. And you still have a considerable amount left from the sale of your previous home to do real fun things.

Care market

Another market that is moving is the healthcare market. We can all remember the old people's homes where adequate care was standard, but this has been "eroded" by health insurers and the government in the last 20 years. It is increasingly expected that our needy seniors are cared for and cared for by their own children and no longer by the collective. This meant the arrival of the "Informal Care" Act whereby we increasingly rely on our own responsibility for the care of our parents.
Here, FERLEM offers a solution. If you have enough space behind your home, FERLEM can deliver a care home from 30M2 that can be placed behind your home. Because the FERLEM system is a modular and flexible solution, the house can be seen as "not parmanent construction", so obtaining a permit is usually no problem or even necessary. After use, the property can be sold and moved to a new location. This property has all conceivable tools, such as a custom spacious toilet / shower, home automation, no thresholds in the floors and wide doors (standard in all FERLEM homes).
An additional advantage with this solution is that you have your parent (s) living with you, but still enjoy both your own privacy.

Regular housing and housing associations

FERLEM can also be a solution for these target groups given the construction speed of a FERLEM home (3 days per house in a multiple project), especially now that the housing market is on the rise, due to the enormous shortage. The Netherlands currently has a housing shortage of more than 350,000 homes. Also considering the climatic agreement of the Paris summit 2016 in which the Netherlands and Europe have committed to 2030, to reduce the total Co2 emission by 40%. The FERLEM solution with an emission reduction of more than 60% fits here.
But also for private construction, FERLEM is the partner to build your ultimate home or villa, or a holiday home across the border, your imagination is the limit. Large or small, bungalow or villa, modern or classic.
The choice is yours.