Welcome at FERLEM 

Ferlem is an unique eco-friendly building system, with which you design your own home, exceeding the future environmental norm of 2030 .

The unique concept of the modular building elements, allows you to envision the architecture of your home yourself, your own unique style, arranged to your wishes and with a finish quality that you like. And all that within your budget.

Some unique features that are just standard with Ferlem,

  • 1.All solar panels, for electricity and for water heating, are flat in the roof for aesthetic reasons. These can be adapted to energy needs, or expanded later.

  • 2. In the floor is standard a floor heating system, both on the ground floor and upper floors, these provide the heating and cooling in the house, so no more ugly radiators.

  • 3.The unique self-supporting roof modules with a working width of 1 meter, with or without roof windows, simplify flexible building. Furthermore, these modules have an Rc = 9 heat resistance value.

  • 4. All possible energy systems can be connected in the energy cabinet, such as a standard CV, hybrid CV, all types of heat pumps, electrical inverters etc.

  • 5. The unique construction of wall modules with a working width of resp. 1,2 or 3 meters, with or without window frames, simplify the flexible construction. Furthermore, these modules have an Rc = 11 heat resistance value.

  • 6. There is a very wide range of window frames with 3 double glazing (standard) of the NORDIC system, available in a number of standard colors.